FourWard worked closely with Martin Homes to create two attractive new homes. 


The form of the proposed homes was explored in consultation with East Renfrewshire Council. The proposals incorporate two 5 bedroom properties with two public rooms, kitchen / dining and garage.


The buildings are orientated with their principle ridge line parallel to the street, with gable features expressed as a clustered roof form. Pitched roofs of the same ridge heights combine to form a design which resonates with the adjacent homes and is in keeping with the architectural features found in Uplawmoor. 


The design allows for a clear distinction between public and private. The ground floor of the buildings accommodate public areas, with functions defined through the use of linear stone walls. These walls provides an expression of solidity and mass linking the building to the ground on which it sits. The stone walls linear form reinforces the organisation of the building whilst framing views of the landscape to the south.