Copeland Borough Council expressed an aspiration for the regeneration of Albion Square to; 

“create a high quality, environmentally and socially sustainable commercial complex that will act as a catalyst for the wider regeneration of Whitehaven and influence future developments in the region.” 
Whilst working with RMJM, Nathan responded to this aspiration and developing proposals and assembling a consultant team with strong commitment, enthusiasm, and vision to deliver sustainable regeneration.

The site has a number of inherent complexities which required careful consideration. These include building in a restricted urban location, maintaining operation of adjacent sites throughout construction, the retention of historic features and the relationship of the site to the surrounding conservation area.

The proposals for Albion Square maximise the opportunities to create a ‘place’ which will have a significant impact on the wider 

regeneration of the local area, and to raise the status of Whitehaven as an attractive, forward thinking, and successful town.

The design included public realm and amenity for local community providing a rounded development, socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.