Geddes Consulting


The site at Corton is idenfied as a Housing Allocaon Site (South East Ayr Masterplan Area) within the in the South Ayrshire Local Development Plan (September 2014).

An application for PPP was submitted in February 2014, South Ayrshire Council were minded to grant permission subject to consolation with the Scottish Ministers. 

As a result of conditions attached to the planning approval a Development Brief/ Design Code was developed by Nathan leading a team at Geddes Consulting.

This evolved the layout originally consented through the PPP following extensive consultation with A+DS and South Ayrshire Council to discharge numerous conditions.

The document establishes a clear vision and design parameters for the preparation of proposals by future developers.

A network of streets and spaces, reminiscent of successful Scottish communities, will provide sustainable connections through the community to the shops, employment spaces and other facilities required to establish a sustainable community.